Happening around the County

NHGOP Looking for Help (Manchester Mayoral Race)
The Manchester Mayoral election is right around the corner and the Mayor needs our help! I am sure you realize the importance of this race for Manchester, New Hampshire, and Republicans. Please consider volunteering a few hours of your time either to make calls for the Mayor or knock on doors. Maybe you know someone in Manchester who would be willing to write a letter to the editor supporting the Mayor. Let's not wake up on November 8th with another win in the column for the Democrats and a Democrat running Manchester. Please contact the NHGOP (Joseph Sweeney, joe@nhgop.org) to volunteer and they can give you a very specific task. Some tasks can be accomplished from your home.

Keene City Elections
November 7th is election day in Keene for the Mayor and City Council. If you live in Keene, please vote and ask your Republican leaning friends to vote. Keene normally gets only a 15% turn out for local elections so if all the Republicans voted we would stand a good chance to move Keene in our direction. There are three registered Republicans on the ballot this year. Incumbent George Hansel, Candidate (at Large) John Therriault and Candidate (Ward 3) Mike Giacomo. Please vote on November 7th.

Civil Discussion Group Meeting
CCRC members are invited to A Taste of Civil Conversation on Sunday, November 19, from 2  4 pm at St. James Episcopal Church on West Street in Keene.
We have a group of about 15 people on different places on the political spectrum who have been meeting monthly since January, to have civil conversations about political issues. Our primary goal has been, to put it humorously, to discover how otherwise intelligent people could have such different views than we do. We do not debate or try to win over the othersthere are other places for debate. We listen and talk so that we can understand why folks have the opinions they hold.
The group was organized by Tom Bassarear who was disturbed at how much more divisive this last election was and so much demonizing of the other side. Having lived in Keene for 30 years, Tom felt that Keene might be a place where people of opposing views could come together and have civil conversations.
The ground rules for the group include not interrupting the speaker, speaking respectfully and avoiding inflammatory language. Our format is to give each person up to 3 minutes to speak to the topic. After every person has spoken, the group explores what was said more deeply. We have a facilitator to keep us on track and to make sure that the atmosphere remains respectful.
What has happened during the last 9 months has been powerful for many of us. Among other things, we have found: (1) many of our stereotypes of people on the other side have dissolved; (2) while we dont have a lot of agreement on specific issues, we have so much commonality in valueswe all want to live in a country that provides equal opportunity for all citizens, we want elections to be fair, (3) we actually like each other even though we often have very different positions; (4) we feel more hopeful about the future of our country because of how the group has developed.
The large meeting room at St. James can accommodate up to 100 people. We will arrange people in small groups of 8 to 10 with a facilitator for each group. After introductions, each person will have up to 3 minutes to respond to the prompt, uninterrupted, and then there will be time to explore what has been said with the help of a facilitator whose role is to ensure that people feel safe and comfortable. We need at least 20 Republicans to come to the event so that our side can be represented with at least 2 CCRC members in each small group.
Our goal is to make sure that there is balance of each in each group. It would be somewhat boring to have 8 left-leaning people in a group, and it would be challenging if 7 of the group were left-leaning and only 1 was right learning. However, in our first meeting we had 12 left-leaning people and only 4 right-leaning. Over time however, the numbers have evened out. If you are interested in coming, please send an email to Tom Bassarear at tombassarear@gmail.com.
Please let him know if you lean right, left, or are in the middle.
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Chair- John Therriault
Vice Chair -Bud Creekmore
Secretary- Jane Lane
Treasurer- Rob Kasper

Mailing Address:
Cheshire County Republican Committee
PO Box 1859
Keene NH 03431

Contact CCRC Web Coordinator To add any & all GOP events.

Cheshire County Hall Window Project
The former Cheshire County Court House is in the process of renovation as the Cheshire County Hall. Grants have been obtained and matching funds are currently being accepted for phase 2, the restoration of the buildings original windows. Window sponsorships include an engraved brass plate on the window interior and inclusion on the Cheshire County Court House recognition wall for individuals or organizations that donate a window. The Cheshire County Republican Committee is accepting donations to be used for funding a window to be donated in the name of the Cheshire County Republican Committee. At our October meeting we raised almost $100 for this restoration. If you wish to donate, please send a check to the CCRC (or bring one to the November 11th meeting) with a note indicating that the money is for the County Hall Window Fund. This is a worthwhile historic restoration project.

CCRC Shoot Results and Raffle
We held our annual shoot at the Cheshire County Fish and Game facility. The CCRC would like to thank event chair Marilyn Huston and the volunteers at CCF&G and from the CCRC that made this event happen. Remember we are currently conducting a Gun Raffle. The first prize is a Glock 19, Gen 4 9mm. The second prize is a World War II Japanese Ariska 7.7 Rifle. There are other prizes as well. Each ticket is $10. Only 500 tickets will be sold and the raffle permit number is #146. If you want some, or want to sell some to you friends, contact John Therriault at 603-903-0213 or jwtherriault@ne.rr.com.
We have Raffle tickets for sale for the Glock 9mm.

November Meeting
The CCRC will meet on November 11 at Keene Ice at 9:30AM. I would ask the Keene Republican Committee to come at 9 AM so we can conduct a short meeting prior to the CCRC. Keene Ice is located on Marlborough Street (next to the Police Station) and parking is free. We are working on getting a speaker for the November meeting. We will send out another announcement just prior to the event is more details.

Christmas Party
Our Christmas Party this year will be held on Friday, December 1, at the Keene Country Club. Cash bar cocktails will be served starting at 6 PM and dinner will be at 7 PM. We have asked The American Heirlooms from Rindge to sing for us (and their supper). They are a great group. The Honorable Frank Edelblut (NH Education Commissioner) has been invited to speak. Final details will be published in November with a menu and RSVP instructions.